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Learn English in Bournemouth

Study English in Bournemouth, the pretty coastal town on the English Channel.

Bournemouth has been a popular holiday spot since Victorian times, when Brits would come from all over the country to enjoy the beautiful seven miles of soft sandy beaches. This period left its mark on the city's architecture, in particular its pretty piers and spa hotels. Nowadays, the beaches are equally packed on sunny days but the city has also developed a reputation as a party town and centre for water sports. During the day, the Boscombe area has become a haven for surfers while at night the many bars and clubs are filled with young people partying the night away.

Having become fashionable as a spa town, health and beauty treatments are still very popular in Bournemouth so this is a great place to relax and pamper yourself. Being right on the English channel, the city is known for its delicious fresh seafood, whether this be traditional fish and chips on the beach or a more up-market affair in one of the trendy restaurants. Finally, the large student and surfing community has given Bournemouth a reputation for being a little bit laid-back and bohemian in nature, so you'll find some quirky little shops and cafes.

Bournemouth is a fantastic starting point for exploring England's impressive Jurassic Coast. This heritage site is made up of dramatic rock formations stretching back 185 million years. For those that love walking, following the South West Coast Path is a must for seeing some impressive cliffs and beautiful undiscovered bays. 


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