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The city of Galway, located on the northern side of the Bay of Galway, prides itself on its rich history and diverse cultural life which combines theater, music, film and visual arts. With such a diverse cultural scene, Galway is the perfect place to take a language course.

Galway is a fairly small city, but it exudes the carefree and bohemian atmosphere of a big city with its mix of medieval streets and eclectic weekend markets.

The summers in Galway give way to an endless series of excellent festivals, accompanied by good food and drinks for you to enjoy whilst on your language journey. Stroll along the banks of the picturesque canals and be seduced by the atmosphere of the pubs that form such a big part of Galway's reputation.

Language schools in Galway

Four students in class

With over 20 years of experience as an English school, Atlantic Language is well equipped to ensure that their students receive a quality English education. The Atlantic Language school is located just steps from the famous Eyre Square, which is for many the center of Galway’s sho

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