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Learn French in Lyon

Take a French course in the historic city of Lyon.

Built over 2000 year ago, Lyon was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its incredibly well-preserved architecture, which includes both Roman buildings and contemporary masterpieces by Nouvel and Botta. However, Lyon is so much more than just attractive buildings; it is the third largest city in France and as a result is an important centre for commerce and finance.

Known as the gastronomical centre of France, here you can find a huge variety of culinary specialties and fine wines. In this respect, the Les Halles du Lyon market is an experience not to be missed. Although it may be on the more expensive side, it is certainly worth it, as here you will find only the very best regional products.

Lyon is also an important French cultural centre, with various exciting annual festivals including the Nuits Sonores for electronic music, Les Nuits de Fouvière for music and drama, the Fête des Lumières light show and much more. Its former docklands are currently been given new life as they are transformed into La Confluence, arguably one of Europe’s largest gentrification projects, as a hip new neighborhood filled with media centers and museums.


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