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Learn German in Frankfurt

Study German in Frankfurt, a city on the banks of the river Main that combines its reputation as a financial and business powerhouse with its unique cultural heritage.

Frankfurt is the richest city in Germany, due to the fact that it is one of the most important economic powers in Europe. Here you can find one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, the European Central Bank headquarters and numerous offices housed in towering skyscrapers, which have led the city to be nicknamed “Mainhattan”.  

Beneath its high-powered surface, Frankfurt also has a traditional side. In the Altstadt (old city), there are beautiful medieval buildings and homely taverns serving delicious local cuisine. The city also contains a number of small neighborhoods with beautiful parks and enchanting riverside paths, giving them a village-like feel.

Frankfurt is also an important cultural centre, with more museums than any other city in Germany outside of Berlin. One of Germany's most famous writers, Goethe, was born here in 1749 and this artistic side to the city remains an important part of its identity today. Frankfurt also has a huge variety of restaurants (from very up-scale to more humble joints), bars, live music venues and a fantastic zoo. 


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