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Considered one of the most important cultural sites in Mexico, the small city of Guanajuato provides an idyllic setting for your Spanish course. 

During the Colonial period, Guanajuato was the home of some of the country´s most prolific silver mines and this wealth has left its mark on the city´s architecture. Guanajuato is full of beautiful churches, Colonial mansions, picturesque plazas and grandiose civic buildings, all surrounded by narrow cobblestone streets with the valley forcing the main city thoroughfares underground.  

The location of one of Mexico´s oldest universities, Universidad de Guanajuato, the city has a large student population. It is also known as the birthplace of Mexican Independence, as it was the site of the first battle between the insurgent and royalist troops.

In October, Guanajuato hosts the annual Cervantino Festival, when dancers, actors and musicians from all over the world transform the city into a huge theatre. 

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Don Quijote is the name of a group of Spanish Language Schools renowned for the quality of their teaching and their wide variety of courses. Classes are taught in small groups and the teachers are experienced and well trained.

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